DB/BI Programmer at KING ICT
Vesna Opačak
DB/BI Programmer at KING ICT
If you ask her colleagues, they will surely say: Vesna knows it all. For the last ten years, Vesna steadily progressed from one position to another – she worked as an analytic, database engineer and she took part in the development of complex BI systems. Vesna is particularly interested in the development of user interface components and she's always for projects which bring a specific business benefit to the user.

Reporting for a happy management board

How many times have you seen a data model that perfectly transfers data from operating systems but nobody can find its way around in it? Did you ever had the right numbers to back up your results, but just weren't able to get the message in the right way to your management? Successful data presentation is the key to getting you closer to your business goals. Power BI was designed to help advanced business users to communicate important data based messages and to facilitate data driven decision making. This talk will take you through a journey of transforming reports based on Excel files to Power BI reports and dashboards using a mashup of data sources.