Software Delivery Consultant/Java Architect
Roko Roić
Software Delivery Consultant/Java Architect
More than 17 years in the IT industry. Started off as an enterprise Java developer, picked up PHP and Ruby along the way, but continued mostly in the J2SE stream. Had a lot to do with system infrastructure and performance optimization on a large scale. Now he manages teams in developing IT solutions. Roko is the author of “Lean and Agile”, the first book on the topic of iterative development in the Croatian language.

Google’s secret weapon for personal and team growth - OKR's

Objectives and Key results might just be the missing wheel in your organization’s growth, be it a team or a full-scale company. First introduced at Intel. Made mainstream and popular by being used all across Google.  Do not mistake them for KPI’s, they are not a method for evaluating performance. They are a method for focusing the team and personal growth. They are transparent. They try to navigate people and organizations to a common growth goal. They help with getting people out of their comfort zones because this is where growth starts. They are fun and challenging. They are a great companion for an agile (or Agile) team. Allow me to show you how they worked in local companies and how they helped developers and team leaders grow.