SAP Financial Consultant at KING ICT
Paula Petra Mić
SAP Financial Consultant at KING ICT
Throughout high school, she considered programming as her future. After getting her degree in ICT, she decided to explore other fields and interests. Wanting to stay in IT, she found herself in SAP, working as a financial consultant. She is always on the lookout for new and out-of-the-box ways to improve her skills and help others do the same.

Design Thinking with SAP

In a time of rapid technology growth, when information is becoming more and more available and tools in fields such as IoT and Big data are more affordable, being a good innovator is still a challenge. What would make your customer happy? How to find new opportunities for growth? In which product should you invest money and time? Design Thinking can help you find answers to those questions. A methodology that encourages creative thinking, it is customer oriented and promotes teamwork. SAP Design Thinking offers a unique approach to this methodology, customized by SAP for its portfolio, but applicable in a wide range of business areas and industries.