Software Engineer at Xamarin/Microsoft
Miljenko Cvjetko
Software Engineer at Xamarin/Microsoft
Miljenko Cvjetko (Moljac, Mel) is a Software Engineer (Oompa-Loompa of science) in Xamarin (Microsoft) and works on Xamarin Components team binding and porting java, objective-c and swift and rarely works cool UI/UX stuff because his head is mostly under-the-hub. He started using xplat .net (mono, dotgnu) in 2006, and with Xamarin during private beta previews in 2010. Today, he is developer and maintainer of several open source libraries, 1st libraries which were submitted by Xamarin to .NET Foundation.

From zero to code-hero

How accidental decision forced me to become main maintainer and main developer (sure I’m the only one) of the 1st cross platform libraries submitted by Xamarin to .NET Foundation; how open source is not freedom-only; how ordinary developer can literally beat-the-odds (all of them)…