Scrum Master at KING ICT
Krešimir Kondža
Scrum Master at KING ICT
Krešimir is a developer and an IT architect with a vast experience (over 15 years) in the IT world. He frequently shows his loyalty to .NET but because of his weakness towards new and exciting stuff you can catch me flirting with other technologies. For the past few years, he's all about organizational challenges and Agile methodology.

Agile planning in the Gov environment

Being agile isn't easy. Being agile in Gov environment can be even harder. Bureaucratic hurdles, fixed yearly budgets, and other similar impediments are strong motivators to fall back to classic waterfall process and project management. This presentation highlights a successful agile implementation on a large Gov project using our agile planning practices as an example how to overcome these hurdles. Out of all agile practices, planning paired witch customer engagement gave us excellent results. This presentation will show some of the learned lessons.