Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Netokracija
Ivan Brezak Brkan
Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Netokracija
Ivan is the founder and editor of Netokracija who started his tech-journalistic career writing for TechCrunch and various Croatian tech/business magazines, but also advising companies like Microsoft and Kolektiva on their internet presence. Forbes has called him “The internet aristocrat” in its special “Generation 2013” issue. Ivan has also been a startup mentor and advisor at Hubraum, Seedcamp, Eleven, Shift Split, How to Web and others, as well as being the director of Netokracija’s own RockPaperStartups and OMGcommerce conferences. Ivan is a member of the new media commission of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

Writing for Geeks

From better, more concise code and more persuasive emails to clients and colleagues, to documentation that other developers will want to read and better blog posts that will truly show our expertise - writing is an essential skill that every developer can use to succeed in their career. Good writing helps better any communication; with colleagues, clients, managers, users. It will translate not just into the emails you send about how to improve your company's project, but also the blog posts you write about your work that will actually showcase why it matters, entertaining updates about your app that users actually read, as well as improved, trolly comments on your friend's social media updates.