SAP Technical consultant at KING ICT
Antun Vlahović
SAP Technical consultant at KING ICT
Although mostly occupied with ABAP and SAP Fiori, he likes flirting with other kinds of software development. At first, it was love for video games that pushed him towards computer technologies and then in elementary school during the course of Logo programming he realized how fun programming is. Next step was high school where he made his own media player in C#. Realizing that's what he would be doing for a living, Antun enrolled for the program of Software engineering at Polytechnics of Zagreb where Java and Android development pushed him even more to the programming world. Currently, he's attending specialist degree in information systems at The University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica.

Leonardo IoT

Most people envision “Internet of Things” solutions as some futuristic world from blockbuster movies, but enterprise solutions are usually not fancy at all. Vast quantities of data collected by millions of IoT devices will be useless without machine learning, AI and other technologies under the SAP Leonardo umbrella. This innovative new platform combines methodologies with technologies to bring out the potential of connected sensors and we are planning to show you some interesting examples.